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Expert Comments

Franco Manfrinato
Personal trainer, massage therapist  and owner 
of Manfrinato Health Center

”To exercise outdoors is preferred to exercising indoors. 
We need fresh air and space. On City Art Gym® you can
train your entire body and also stretch to maintain your 
flexibility. The trio is designed in a clever way so that all 
the important muscle groups are trained easily. You can 
also just do a single exercise if you are passing by and 
don´t have so much time.”


Göran Hellström 
Editor in chief Konstvärlden (a Swedish Art magazine)

“City Art Gym® makes me think of Cezanne´s famous 
words about how everything in nature goes back to the 
basic geometric forms - the cylinder, the sphere and the 
ball. They are sculptures in the landscape and if they 
also contribute to better health they have a double effect:


Beautiful to look at, healthy to use.”

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