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Gender  Neutral

City Art Gym has considered the aspect of gender equality in its design. With the knowledge that 80 % of the equipment that has been installed outdoors for physical activities in Sweden is being used by boys and men. The girls do not use the soccer and basketball courts, the climbing walls or skateboard rinks as much as the boys do.

When designing City Art Gym we have used shapes and 
functions from the world of sports that women and girls 
are at least as good at as the boys and where they feel 
comfortable and where there is no competition. 
Regardless of gender, City Art Gym can be used by everybody.

The Bar comes from the world of gymnastic and girls 
can do things on it that most boys cannot. The Bridge is 
inspired from the step-up class and the exercises on the 
Ball demands good balance, something girls are at least 
as good at as boys.

The elegant trio does not relate to a world that research 
unfortunately shows most girls do not want to be 
associated with: the world of comparison to boys 
and a world where they feel “un-feminine”.

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