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The Design

City Art Gym®, all in mirror polished stainless steel, is a beautiful combination of public art and exercise equipment. The entire body can be trained on five elegant sculptures, regardless of your age and fitness level.

The unique sculptures ”The Ball, The Bridge, The Bar, The Branch and The Balance ” can be placed, for example, in a park, at a square, on a boardwalk, on a beach, in a schoolyard, in the grounds of a residential development or prestigious hotel, on the roof top of a city office…there are endless possibilities. With its elegance it can be placed in public spaces where a regular outdoor gym is not appropriate or where there is simply not enough space.
The City Art Gym can be bought in sets of three, four or five pieces.

There are five instruction plates included belonging to each sculpture. Mounting instructions that are easy to follow are included in the delivery.

The gym is best placed in a circle of approx. 42 square meters (452sqft) with a diameter of 7300mm (24ft). The circle can be 

enclosed by a choice of bricks or slate. We recommend that the instruction plates belonging to each of the five pieces are placed in concrete elements around the circle. 

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