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Where we fit 

Beach or pool area

Why not work out when you are dressed in a bathing suit? City Art Gym adds value to the pool area or to the beach.

Corporation grounds 

Why not exercise during lunch break and loosen the tension in your shoulders and back?

Condominium grounds  

Activate both community spirit and muscles. And give the residents something beautiful to look at.


So that joggers and people out walking can stop and work out. Suitable surfaces are rubber asphalt, synthetic grass, bark or finely crushed gravel.

Planning a new      active city or redrawing exciting public spaces?

We fit right in! 

City Office Rooftops

What better way for City companies to offer their staff a chance to relax, de-stress and exercise. City Art Gym offers well-being for mind and body.

Private Residents

City Art Gym® is the perfect garden sculpture. It can help you with some stretching after all that hard garden work!

Residential Developments/Prestigious Hotels  

City Art Gym lends itself to prestigious projects where elegance of design is matched with our wish for healthy lifestyles.

School yard or campus 

Children need a stimulating environment to encourage movement. City Art Gym® handles tough play and can be used in physical education classes.

Sports complex grounds  

Challenge your muscles outdoors before or after exercising indoors.


Beautiful to look at and as interest in outdoor activity heightens, more people will want to work out, outdoors, in the city.

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